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OEM / ODM Services

Perago has subcontracted and manages one of the largest global suppliers for IT and Communications products with a focus on contracted manufacturing to the Federal Government.  The Perago Team maintains unequaled expertise in product research and design, manufacturing, and after-sales services.  We serve all Federal Governmental Agencies and are a certified Serviced Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business.  

Dedicated to building on a foundation of providing products of the highest quality, our team establishes product differentiation through innovation and provides our clients with the most complete, effective, and trustworthy products and technical services possible. Perago offers a single-point solution for design, manufacturing and support along with repair and a global reach in logistics. 

Perago partners with OEM/ODM facilities who maintain the highest standards in environmentally friendly processes - and strictly implement a Zero Use policy of forbidden substances and materials.  

Perago and the Perago Team encourages all parties to transform the latest technology into patents and intellectual properties through rewarding invention and innovation.  Our subcontractors consistently apply for and are granted patents in the United States, Taiwan, and China.